garbage enclosure

North Lincoln Sanitary makes every effort to provide a large variety of services to best fit your solid waste needs. As a commercial business we will work with you to help find the level of service that meets your needs. We offer one to six yard containers, and we can service them as frequently as six days a week.


Most containers need to be located in a sight obscuring enclosure. We will work with you to design your enclosure so that all of your solid waste and recycling receptacles will fit properly and are accessible to you and our drivers. All containers must be located on a hard level surface.

  Recycling Vessels

We have a variety of recycling vessels to meet your business’s needs. Please call us at 541-994-5555 to discuss ideas for recycling at your business.

  Pick Up Time

Drivers begin routes very early in the morning. Please make sure that your enclosure or container is accessible the night before your scheduled pickup.


We bill our commercial customers once a month for service provided the previous month. Payments are due by the 15th of the month.