roll cart sizes

  Vessel Sizes

We offer 32, 64 and 96 gallon roll carts for garbage.  We can pick them up weekly or every other week.  We can work with you on the frequency of your pickup. Please call us for rates or to change your service.

  Road Side or Carry Out?

We can pick up your roll cart at the curb for a reduced rate, or we will walk in up to 75 feet to carry out and return your roll cart for you.  Please make sure that your address is visible from the road side. Place cart at curb the night before your pickup day.

  Extra Garbage

We will pick up extra garbage outside of your roll cart for an additional fee. There is no need to call the office. Simply set the bag, box, or can next to your roll cart.

  Receiving Credit

We are happy to give you credit for temporary stops or skipped pickups of up to six months. Please call our office to arrange this before your sceduled pickup.

  Security Deposit

We require a three month security deposit to start service.  This deposit is held for one year and is credited back to your account as long as your account has not been discontinued for non payment. No deposit is required if you sign up for NLSS EasyPay.


If you are moving to another residence inside of North Lincoln County simply call our office and let us know. We will get your roll cart transferred to your new house for you. If you are moving outside of North Lincoln County, please let us know, and we will pick up your garbage and recycling carts. You are responsible for service until we are notified by you to stop service.


Residential customers are billed every other month based on last name.  We bill one month in arrears and one month in advance.

  Non payment

Non payment of service will result in your garbage and recycling roll carts being brought in after the third week from the stop date.  If your roll cart is brought in, there is a $25.00 resume fee added to your bill.

  Large or Bulky Items

If you have items that will not fit in your roll cart, such as mattresses, old furniture, lawn mowers etc., call to schedule a pickup.