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We are a family owned & operated garbage and recycling business since 1966. Our service area covers North Lincoln County from Beverly Beach to Rose Lodge. We offer residential & commercial service, mobile storage rentals, shredding of sensitive documents, & pickup of large items.



City of Lincoln City Community Cleanup will begin April 19th.

The City of Lincoln City is preparing itself for the annual community pride week. To kick off this event, The City of Lincoln City and North Lincoln Sanitary will be offering their services of picking up miscellaneous items such as yard clippings, brush, limbs, scrap metal goods, furniture, plastics, etc.

Here are a few guidelines that we ask you to ad here to:

1. This service is provided to North Lincoln Sanitary customers with residential homes inside the city limits.

2. Small items should be bagged, not weighing over 40 lbs.

3. Tree limbs and brush must be neatly stacked or bundled with a maximum of 6 feet in length.

4. There is a limit of 4 cubic yards per stop.

5. Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up the following items for the City Clean-up: Tires, oil products, large appliances, hide-a-beds, hazardous materials, home garbage, or large amounts of construction debris. (Note: North Lincoln Sanitary Service will still pick these up, but it has to be handled outside of the City Clean-up.)

6. All items need to be "curb" side and ready for pick up on Tuesday at 7am and will be picked up as the route is worked through.

Starting March 28th, please call North Lincoln Sanitary, 541-994-5555, to arrange for pick up. You can leave a message after hours. The deadline for calls is 5:00 p.m. Monday, April 18th.