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North Lincoln Sanitary makes every effort to provide a large variety of services to best fit your solid waste needs.
Call (541) 994-5555 to start service or make changes to your existing service.


North Lincoln Sanitary has 1.0 or 1.5 cubic yard temporary metal containers with lids available for rent for up to six months. These containers are emptied upon your request at your location.

MINIMUM FREQUENCY: Each container must be dumped a minimum of two times. You have two weeks to complete both dumps. To avoid rental charges, you must call at least every week period. Please call the day before you would like your container dumped. For every week you do not have a dump, we will charge you a rental fee equal to the dump fee of your container size. See the Rates tab for current charge rental information.

LEVEL FILL: Please do not overload the container. We can pick up any extra trash or any items too large to fit into your container. Please place them next to the container. There is an additional charge for anything over a level fill of the container or anything outside of the container.

PROHIBITED: Appliances, auto tires, auto batteries, paint, TV’s, and computers. Please call us at (541) 994-5555 or email us at information@northlincolnsanitary.com if you would like us to pick up these items up.