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North Lincoln Sanitary makes every effort to provide a large variety of services to best fit your solid waste needs.
Call (541) 994-5555 to start service or make changes to your existing service.

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Cart Sizing Guide
North Lincoln Sanitary Service provides a roll cart to every customer. Roll carts come in three sizes: 32 gallons, 64 gallons, and 95 gallons.

32 gallons: 39” H x 20” W x 25” D
64 gallons: 42” H x 27” W x 28” D
95 gallons: 46” H x 30” W x 36” D

Cart Placement Guide
North Lincoln Sanitary Service’s trucks have automated arms that service your carts. In order for our drivers to operate the trucks as efficiently and safely as possible, we ask that you abide by the following placement guidelines:

  • Provide 3 feet of clearance between each of the carts. (If you can walk between carts without touching them you've left adequate space.)
  • Set all carts roadside for pick up. (Unless you are a carryout customer.)
  • Point carts with the lid opening toward the street.
  • Ensure 18 feet of overhead clearance.
  • Provide 5 feet of clearance between your carts and any parked vehicles, mailboxes, basketball hoops, trees, and other potential obstacles.
  • Do not block bike lanes, vehicle lanes of travel, or sidewalks.

Household Garbage
Your garbage roll cart is for regular household garbage only. Keep in mind that all of our garbage trucks are automated: when the arm on the truck picks up your carts, no blockage should prevent your garbage from falling into the truck. Please keep your carts easy to empty by making sure nothing is wedged in the cart, and by bagging all material inside.

We provide bungees on every garbage and recycling roll cart to reduce the risk of garbage or recycling to contaminating the street if the lid were to open. We ask that the bungees only be used if there is a risk of garbage or recycling falling out of the cart. If you live in an area with high wind, uneven ground, or with active wildlife, please take advantage of the bungee on every pick up. If you live in area without these hazards, please keep the bungee off the roll cart to save our drivers time and effort while on their routes. If your bungee is broken, give our office a call for a replacement at (541) 994-5555.