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The dropoff site for both trash and recyclable items. The public transfer station is located at 367 South Anderson Creek Road.

Acceptable Items and Rates

There is a $15 minimum per dump, and $22 per cubic yard.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal and appliances are accepted for free. Refrigerated appliances require a fee to remove the freon.

Woody Debris

Tree limbs, stumps, and clean lumber (not painted or pressure treated), and shrubs/bushes, such as Laurel, Scotch Broom, Salal, etc, are $20 per cubic yard. Grass is not accepted.


Cardboard is free. Co-Mingled recycling and glass is accepted at the Recycle Center only.


We accept: concrete, brick, dirt, and other inert materials. You can get a drop box at a reduced rate to load on your own, or you can haul the inerts to Schooner Creek Transfer Station. $5 per cubic yard.


We accept tires off the rim only. In Lincoln City, Les Schwab (541) 994-3676 and Professional Tire (541) 614-0040 can dismount them for a fee if you do have tires on the rim.