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North Lincoln Sanitary makes every effort to provide a large variety of services to best fit your solid waste needs.
Call (541) 994-5555 to start service or make changes to your existing service.

Bulky Items

Do you have bulky items you aren’t able to donate or sell and need to throw away? Look no further! North Lincoln Sanitary has a bulky item pickup every Wednesday. Call (541) 994-5555, email information@northlincolnsanitary.com, or schedule a bulky item pickup online on or before every Tuesday at 4:30pm and we will be sure to have you scheduled on the Wednesday route. Reach out for a quote.

Schooner Creek Transfer Station also takes bulky items for a reduced rate of the bulky item pickup. The transfer station would be a self-haul option for those that would like to drop off their items. Call or email the office for bulky item drop off rates at the transfer station.

Examples of bulky items are: box springs, stuffed chairs, couches, hide-a-beds, hot tub covers, recliners, mattresses, tables, wood debris, and toilets.

See Schooner Creek Public Transfer Station for more information about woody debris, inerts, and tires.