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03/19/24 Lincoln City City Clean Up

Are you a Lincoln City resident and a North Lincoln Sanitary Service customer? If so, we have an exciting announcement for you! The Annual Lincoln City City Clean Up presented by the City of Lincoln City and North Lincoln Sanitary Service is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd to Friday, April 26th, 2024. This event runs right after the Great Oregon Coast Garage Sale hosted by the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce, so anything that doesn't sell can be put out for pick up on the evening of Monday, April 22nd.

Program Guidelines:

  • Each customer is limited to 4 cubic yards per stop.
  • Small items must be bagged, not weighing over 40lbs.
  • All items need to be roadside ready for pickup on Tuesday at 7am. Leave your items out for pick up through Friday at 5pm.
  • Longer limbs and bare lumber yard debris must be neatly stacked or bundled. Maximum of 6ft in length.
  • We cannot pick up the following items in the City Clean Up:
    Construction & demolition debris including, but not limited to: carpet, flooring, ceiling tiles, drywall, etc. Tires, oil products, large appliances, hide-a-beds, paint/hazardous materials, and home garbage. NLSS can pick up these items at another time. Call our office to schedule & receive a quote (541) 994-5555.

Please Call NLSS to be placed on the schedule at (541) 994-5555. The deadline to sign up for this event is Monday, April 22nd at 5pm.