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11/13/23 Employee Spotlight: Dennis Nisbet

This week's employee spotlight is none other than Dennis Nisbet! Starting in February 1984, he is NLSS's longest full-time employee, which means his 40 year mark is just a few months away.

Dennis is currently our utility driver, doing various hauls and routes as needed. This includes the commercial glass route + hauls to the landfill & material recovery facility (MRF). This company couldn't turn its gears without him and we are so grateful for his skills, experience, and training help for the new drivers! He's one of the many reasons we say, "Our family serving your family."

Here's a few fun facts about Dennis:

  • Why did you decide to work at NLSS?

"I decided to come to work at NLSS when my father in law, Jack LeBlanc, asked me if I wanted to move to Lincoln City and drive for him in 1982." 🚛

  • What are your hobbies?

"My Hobbies are crabbing, off roading, making sure I have the best lawn in the neighborhood, boating, and traveling." 🦀

  • Share a funny work story...

"About 30 years ago, I backed up to a 5 yard container at one of the convenience stores to dump it. I threw open the large metal lids, which crashed when they landed. I happened to look inside the container and there was a body of a man inside. I knew he was dead because no one could sleep through that much noise! Needless to say, I was freaked out! It was pre-cellphones, so I took off running for the store to call the police. Something made me look over my shoulder and all of a sudden a head popped up and the "dead" body was very much alive and asked me "where am I?" 🤯

Dennis is a crucial part of NLSS and we wouldn't have the culture we have today without him along the way. Thank you, Dennis, for all that you do for your customers and our team! We're so grateful for you. 🙏