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03/21/24 Safe & Efficient Collection

North Lincoln Sanitary Service presents the steps to safe and efficient collection of your garbage, recycling, and mixed compost.

Step 1: Put your roll carts out the night before your pick up day. 🌙
Not only does this make your morning routine less busy, but it ensures your roll cart will be picked up even if your driver is on vacation and a new one is filling in with a different pick up schedule.

Step 2: Place your roll carts 5 feet away from any objects (mailboxes, cars, trees, etc.) and 3 feet away from the other roll carts. 🌲
With an automatic arm on the side of the truck to lift the carts, this spacing ensures our drivers have the ability to seamlessly work through their routes without having to get in and out of their truck to space the roll carts themselves. Staying in their trucks allows them to work all the way to retirement!

Thank you so much for helping our drivers be safe and efficient on their routes!